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World of Oz

  • Game type: Video Slot
  • Number of reels: 5 Reels
  • Number of lines: 50 Lines
  • Coins per line: 10 coins
  • Wilds with up to 10x multiplier
  • Free spins
  • 3 Drop icons

Game Description

Join Dorothy as she is magically teleported with her dog Toto from Kansas by tornado to this marvelous land beyond the rainbow. She soon learns that her destiny is to meet the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City. She is gifted a pair of spellbinding silver slippers and begins her adventure down the yellow brick road.

World of Oz features incredible multiplied wilds, free spins, and the Emerald Spins super round. Help Dorothy on her way and meet the Wizard of Oz. Every step of the trek must be taken with caution because they are always being watched by the wicked witch of the West and her flying monkeys. Will you get Dorothy to the Emerald City, meet the Wizard, and have all your dreams come true?

Always remember, there is no place like home!

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