Jackpots $ , .
Superb cup
Desktop,3 Reel,Sports,5 Lines,Multipliers,Mancala Gaming
Fortune Feast Fusion Reels
Desktop,3 Reel,KA Gaming
Sunset Hotline
Desktop,Wilds,4 Reel,Apollo Play,Pays 81 ways
Smiling 1Liner
Desktop,3 Reel,1 Line,Multipliers,Apollo Play
Wooden Matic
Desktop,3 Reel,Fruit,Wilds,Pays 27 ways,Apollo Play
Qatar 2022
Desktop,3 Reel,Sports,5 Lines,Multipliers,Soccer,Eurasian gaming
Scary Night
Desktop,Halloween,Horror,Fruit,4 Reel,Apollo Play,Pays 81 ways
1 Mega Reel
Desktop,1 Line,Free Spins,Wilds,Respins,Classic,Mancala Gaming
Rich Kittens
Desktop,Animals,Wilds,4 Reel,Luxury,Apollo Play,Pays 81 ways
Happy Nuts
Desktop,3 Reel,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,Pays 27 ways,Apollo Play
Frutiki Tribe
Desktop,Multipliers,Wilds,4 Reel,Apollo Play,Pays 81 ways
Golden Basket 27
Desktop,3 Reel,Fruit,Pays 27 ways,Apollo Play
Demons Delight
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Halloween,Horror,5 Lines,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds
Rich Diwali
Desktop,3 Reel,Asian,Multipliers,Stacked Wilds,Respins,8 Lines,KA Gaming
Falcon God
Desktop,3 Reel,Egypt,Pays 27 ways,Apollo Play
Dwarf Miner
Desktop,3 Reel,Jewels / Gems,20 Lines,Stacked Symbols,KA Gaming
Volcano Blast 10x
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Native America,Fruit,3 Lines,Multipliers,Wilds
Squid Party Lock 2 Spin
Desktop,3 Reel,Jackpot,9 Lines,Jackpot,Respins,Entertainment,KA Gaming
777 Vegas Showtime
Desktop,3 Reel,5 Lines,Bars,7s / Sevens ,Multipliers,Mancala Gaming
Hare vs Tortoise
Desktop,3 Reel,Animals,Fairy,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,KA Gaming,18 Lines
Neon Light Fruits
Desktop,Fruit,4 Reel,Neon,Mancala Gaming
Treasure Carp
Desktop,3 Reel,Animals,1 Line,KA Gaming
The Book of Treasures
Desktop,Jackpot,Egypt,20 Lines,Special Bonus Feature,Concept Gaming,4 Reel
The Lost Symbols
Desktop,Jackpot,Adventure,20 Lines,Special Bonus Feature,Concept Gaming,4 Reel
Vegas Party
Jackpot,Las Vegas,20 Lines,Special Bonus Feature,Concept Gaming,4 Reel
Hot Fruits on Fire
Desktop,3 Reel,Fruit,5 Lines,Multipliers,Mancala Gaming
Coco Tiki
Desktop,3 Reel,5 Lines,Free Spins,Hawaii,Mancala Gaming
Fantasy Dragons
Desktop,3 Reel,Free Spins,Wilds,Dragon,KA Gaming,Pays 27 ways
Bigger Cash Winning
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Las Vegas,5 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds
Agent Angels
Desktop,3 Reel,Action,9 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds,KA Gaming
Lost Mystery Chests
Desktop,Betsoft,3 Reel,10 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds,Buy Feature
Guardian of Flame
Desktop,3 Reel,Asian,30 Lines,Multipliers,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,Simple Play
Reel Reel Hot
Desktop,3 Reel,Fruit,5 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,Fire & Flames,Mancala Gaming
Hot Fruits on ICE
Desktop,Winter,Fruit,9 Lines,Multipliers,4 Reel,Mancala Gaming
Gold Tiger Ascent
Desktop,Betsoft,3 Reel,Asian,10 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,Buy Feature
Desktop,3 Reel,5 Lines,Bars,Multipliers,Mancala Gaming
Vegas Heaven
Desktop,Las Vegas,Fruit,Multipliers,Bonus Rounds,Concept Gaming,4 Reel
Santa Bumble Bee Hold and Win
Desktop,3 Reel,Christmas,9 Lines,KA Gaming
Costume Party
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fiesta / Party,3 Lines,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Tower of Fortuna
Desktop,Betsoft,3 Reel,Mythology,Luck,5 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Buy Feature
Heroes Realm
Mobile,Rival,3 Reel
Desktop,Betsoft,Magic,20 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,4 Reel,Nudge Feature
Dublin Your Dough
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fantasy,Irish,Luck,5 Lines,Respins,Sticky Wilds
Big Three Dragons
Desktop,3 Reel,1 Line,Dragon,Simple Play
Hoo Hey How
Desktop,3 Reel,Asian,1 Line,Simple Play
Desktop,5 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Mythology,Free Spins,Wilds,Double Up / Gamble,Buy Feature,Eurasian gaming,Fast Play Feature
Forest Treasure
Desktop,3 Reel,Native America,Asian,5 Lines,Multipliers,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,Double Up / Gamble,Eurasian gaming,Fast Play Feature
Haunted House
Desktop,3 Reel,Asian,1 Line,Free Spins,Double Up / Gamble,Buy Feature,Eurasian gaming,Fast Play Feature
Dragon 8
Desktop,3 Reel,1 Line,Dragon,Simple Play
Super 7
Desktop,3 Reel,1 Line,Simple Play
Desktop,3 Reel,Jackpot,1 Line,Free Spins,Double Up / Gamble,Buy Feature,Eurasian gaming,Fast Play Feature
Bright Star
Desktop,Saucify,3 Reel,Space,5 Lines,Free Spins,Stacked Wilds
Golden Horns
Desktop,Betsoft,3 Reel,Asian,1 Line
Desktop,Rival,5 Reel
Merlin's Mystical Multipliers
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fantasy,Multipliers
Total Overdrive
Desktop,Betsoft,3 Reel
Beijing Nights
Desktop,Saucify,3 Reel,Asian,5 Lines,Free Spins
Christmas Candy
Desktop,3 Reel,Christmas,Free Spins,KA Gaming,Pays 27 ways
777 Vegas
Desktop,3 Reel,Las Vegas,20 Lines,Free Spins,KA Gaming
Bumble Bee
Desktop,3 Reel,Animals,9 Lines,Free Spins,KA Gaming
Come On Rhythm
Desktop,3 Reel,Free Spins,Entertainment,KA Gaming,Pays 216 Ways
Fantasy 777
Desktop,3 Reel,20 Lines,Bars,7s / Sevens ,Free Spins,KA Gaming
Four Fruits 2
Fruit,10 Lines,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,4 Reel,Apollo Play
God of Love
Desktop,5 Reel,3 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Mythology,10 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,Respins,Sticky Wilds,Entertainment,KA Gaming,18 Lines
Joker Slot
Desktop,5 Reel,3 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Mythology,Cards,10 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,Respins,Sticky Wilds,Entertainment,KA Gaming,Pays 216 Ways,18 Lines
Smiling Joker 2
3 Reel,Fruit,Pays 27 ways,Apollo Play
Triple Dragons
Desktop,5 Reel,3 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Mythology,Asian,Cards,1 Line,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,KA Gaming,Pays 216 Ways,18 Lines
Midnight Fruits 81
Fruit,5 Lines,Bonus Rounds,4 Reel,Neon,Apollo Play
Dice 81
Fruit,Bonus Rounds,4 Reel,Apollo Play,Pays 81 ways
Wild Fruits 27
3 Reel,Fruit,Pays 27 ways,Apollo Play
Hot Hand
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel
Samurai Gold
Desktop,3 Reel,Asian,9 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,1 Bet/Coin per Line,Concept Gaming
Lucky 81
Fruit,Bonus Rounds,4 Reel,Apollo Play,Pays 81 ways
Magic Lady
3 Reel,Fruit,Apollo Play
Pharaohs Gold
Desktop,3 Reel,Egypt,History,9 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,Concept Gaming
Dr. Acula
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Halloween,Horror,5 Lines,7s / Sevens ,Multipliers,Wilds,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Rainbow Farm
Desktop,3 Reel,Farm,9 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,Concept Gaming
Almighty Dollar
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Mythology,Animals,Angels,5 Lines,7s / Sevens ,Multipliers,Free Spins,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Diamond Times
Desktop,3 Reel,Jewels / Gems,Cute,Cards,9 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line,Concept Gaming
Plunk Oh
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,TV,5 Lines,Multipliers,Wilds,3 Bets/Coins per Line,Game Show
Big Bang Buckaroo
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Western,5 Lines,Bars,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Jumbo Joker
Desktop,Betsoft,3 Reel,Circus,Fruit,5 Lines,7s / Sevens ,Special Bonus Feature,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Gold Bricks
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fruit,3 Lines,Bars,Stacked Wilds,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Sensational Sixes
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Multipliers
Midas Touch
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fruit,3 Lines,Wilds,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Ten Times Wins
Desktop,Rival,5 Reel,Mafia,USA,Multipliers,Free Spins,Rotator,Double Up / Gamble
Five Times Wins
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fruit,3 Lines,Bars,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Mega Wins
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fruit,5 Lines,Bars,7s / Sevens ,Mega Win,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Pistols And Roses
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fruit,1 Line,Bars,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Dollars to Donuts
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Western,Mining,5 Lines,Wilds,1 Bet/Coin per Line
Flea Market
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Animals,Bugs,1 Line,Bars,Wilds,2 Bets/Coins per Line
Diamond Dazzle
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Jewels / Gems,1 Line,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Loco 7's
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Mexico,1 Line,Bars,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Firestorm 7
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,1 Line,Bars,7s / Sevens ,Free Spins,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Crazy Camel Cash
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Animals,Farm
Tahiti Time
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Sea,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Chicken Little
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Animals,Farm,1 Line,Bars,Wilds,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Win Mill
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,5 Lines,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Bust A Vault
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Winter,1 Line,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Diamond Cherries
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Jewels / Gems,Fruit,1 Line,Bars,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Global Cup Soccer
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Sports,1 Line,Bars,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Red White and Bleu
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Food,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Snow Wonder
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Winter,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Big Cash Win
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Fruit,1 Line,Bars,7s / Sevens ,2 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Animals,Farm,1 Line,Free Spins,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Surf Paradise
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Summer,Sea,Bars,2 Bets/Coins per Line
Sevens and Bars
Desktop,Rival,3 Reel,Bars,7s / Sevens ,3 Bets/Coins per Line

Classic 3-reel slot action at Vegas Crest Casino

Take time out to enjoy a wide selection of classic 3-reel slots

Oranges, Melons, BARs and Sevens, classic 3-reel slot is where it all began. These classic online slots may only have 3 reels, but the rewards are huge. Take time out and enjoy classic online casino slot action as you spin your way through Vegas Crest Casino’s fun filled selection of 3-reel slots.

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