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The Slot Father

  • Game type: 3D Video Slot
  • Number of reels: 5 Reels
  • Number of lines: 30 Lines
  • Coins per line: 5 coins
  • Sneaky Instant Win
  • Multiplier Mob Free Spins
  • Underboss Scatter
  • Bonus Round

Game Description

"I'll offer them prizes they can't refuse!" Infamous words spoken by the Slotfather, the secret underworld Boss of all slots, big and small. The one man that holds all the strings, controlling an organized syndicate of slots stretching across the city and beyond... that man is the Slotfather.

Join the infamous mobsters, Sammy "Quickfingers", Frankie "da Fixer" and others to reap the rewards in this underworld themed video slot. With incredible chances to win a quick buck or even go for the big one, that one big job that will see you become The Slotfather.

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