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Join our exciting On the Go! - Slots Tourney Join our exciting On the Go! - Slots Tourney Join our exciting On the Go! - Slots Tourney

Join our exciting On the Go! - Slots Tourney

Mobile users rejoice and join in our On the Go slots tourney!

Many of us are always busy, so what better way to grab some extra cash than by joining our On the Go! Slots Tourney? This exciting promotion is all about the mobile slots so that you can participate whenever and wherever you may be for the best playing experience.

The event takes place every Sunday throughout the month of August. And though you might think you can join it any way you like, it's only playable on mobiles! Spins that are played via the desktop account will not be counted towards your tourney scoreboard tally, so don't forget that!

Join our exciting On the Go! - Slots Tourney

In order to win, you'll need to be playing the above listed games, but bear in mind, it can take just a single spin to win it all. That's because we're working on a basis of the best equalized spin over a single round, so get spinning for that top prize.


Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $300 Cash
2nd Place $100 Casino Bonus
3rd Place $75 Casino Bonus
4th Place $50 Casino Bonus
5th Place $25 Casino Bonus
6th - 10th Place $15 Casino Bonus
11th - 20th Place $10 Casino Bonus
21th - 30th Place $5 Casino Bonus

Thirty players will walk away with a little something extra, but it's top place that scoops the big one of $300 in cash. Runners up will be rewarded with casino bonuses that decrease in size the further down the table you end up. Don't forget you can try every week though!



Terms and Conditions:

  • The tournament will take place between 12:01AM EDT on Sunday and 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, each week in August 2020.
  • Only wins achieved when playing from a mobile device will count towards the tourney.
  • Players must have made at least 1 deposit in the previous 7 days to participate in the current tournament.
  • In the case of a tie, the higher prize will be awarded to the player who achieved the specified ranking first.
  • The Tournament is based on the best equalized win over 1 round on the selected slots shown.
  • Cash and Bonus prizes will be credited to players account automatically every Monday.
  • Website General Terms & Conditions apply.