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Amaterasu Keno Amaterasu Keno Amaterasu Keno

Amaterasu Keno

  • Lottery game
  • Lucky numbers
  • Multipliers
  • Free games

Game Description

Amaterasu Keno from Mascot Gaming is an exciting and beautiful take on the classic lottery game. This stunning keno board sits on a soft pink and blue background with cherry blossoms and a stunning Japanese-inspired soundtrack. The grid has the numbers 1 to 80 and it's your job to choose one to ten of these on each turn. Importantly, the more numbers you get right, the bigger your payout will be. Helpfully, there's a table on the right-hand side to show you the potential prize with the number of correct numbers you get. However, you will need to hit at least three in order to claim a prize. But what makes this game stand out from normal keno games is the fact that it offers a number of exciting bonus features. First, there is the Lucky Numbers feature. After you choose your numbers, three random Lucky Numbers are added to the selection but will not match your choice. Thus, you have three extra numbers to match. Hit play and 20 numbers are drawn - the numbers appear on the left side of the grid so that you can keep track. And, if any of those Lucky Numbers hit, then a multiplier is added. If you get a final prize that is! One matching Lucky Number gets you a 1x multiplier, but three awards a 5x multiplier. However, that's not all. You can also trigger free games. To do this, you must score a win and one number must be the last one drawn. Doing so activates five free games. These play with the same numbers and stake of the preceding game. You can even win free games during this feature too. So, enjoy the tranquillity of this keno game and see if you can score wins!

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