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1 in a Million

  • Game type: Video Slot
  • Number of reels: 6 Reels
  • 1 Million Ways to Win
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Cascade Feature
  • Added Symbols
  • Bonus Spin Wheel
  • Free Drops

Game Description

This latest slot from Concept Gaming offers something truly unique.

Excitingly, 1 in a Million offers more ways to win than any other slot game on the market right now! As the name suggests, there are a million different ways to win, which blows all other slots right out of the water. This remarkable feat is all possible thanks to a combination of the 6x10 grid and a number of bonus features. For instance, whenever you spin, between 2 to 18 symbols will land on each column. If you are lucky enough to score a win when these symbols land, those that created the win get removed, allowing more symbols to fall into their place. This cascading feature will continue for as long as more wins are created. When no more wins are available, the feature stops. However, you can also trigger a bonus wheel. When you spin this, you'll earn free drops, as well as different numbers of ways to win for each of those free drops. With a million possible winning ways, there's a ton of chances for scooping a massive win.

The slot is available on all devices too, fitting neatly to the screen whether it's landscape or portrait, making this truly one in a million!


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